Businesses today need to have lots of content available, whether for their blogs, link building, customer or employee information or instruction, free offers, or other. Rather than continually creating or hiring out to create new content, you can easily have existing content rewritten and repurposed.

I have experience in this arena. And, with English as my first language, I know proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and so on.

I know how to ensure your article, report, ebook, newsletter, product guide or description, gift, book, or other content is written properly.

In addition, if you use article directories as part of your article marketing strategy, along with having an understandable and informative article, quality article directories insist on well written articles, including proper English. Without these elements, your article will be rejected by the top directories . . . the directories that count.

This is also the case with guest posts on related quality sites for link building.

Along these lines, if you are having content rewritten, you most likely want that content to be picked up by the search engines as ‘new.’ I have lots of experience in rewriting specifically to pass duplicate content checking tools.

The same holds true for content for health sites.

Academic rewriting is more involved, as it’s not to gain visibility, but to gain publishing credits, recognition and authority in your field, or to get your thesis in acceptable shape. I have years of experience in this area also.

Pricing for academic rewriting usually starts at $0.06 per word. Please note that with substantial rewriting and/or research the price will increase.


If you’d like to discuss a project or would like a quote, email me at:
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Please put “Rewriting Services” in the subject box.