Ghostwriting for Home Businesses (Solopreneurs) and Individuals

Not sure if you need a ghostwriter to help bring you to the next level or to help ease your work load? Read below.

A Ghostwriter: 6 Features That Can Help Build Your Business

A ghostwriter provides services for different types of people, marketers, and businesses, and on a number of topics. She works silently, behind the scenes and creates whitepapers, newsletters, e/books, informational products, articles, posts, stories, and other forms of content for a business or marketer seeking to:

• Create and/or build your company’s platform visibility
• Generate and increase website traffic
• Provide instruction/information for employees or clients/customers
• Offer an informational gift as an ‘ethical bribe’ to subscribe to your company’s mailing list
• Create newsletters for your employees and/or clients
• Create landing pages for your company or products
• Create product descriptions and guides

The list goes on and on. But, let’s breakdown some of the uses of a ghostwriter, and her benefit to your business.

A Ghostwriter is a Must-Have Tool

According to tracking by the U.S. Department of Commerce, e-commerce grew 17.6 percent in the first quarter of 2011. Within those first three months, Americans spent $43 billion online. And, the projection for 2012 is that e-commerce will increase another 11.3 percent.

Based on trends and statistics, this growing e-commerce market will continue to grow.

1. Building Your Brand and Visibility with a Ghostwriter

So, it’s easy to see that with e-commerce rapidly growing a ghostwriter is a must-have business tool for marketers or business owners who need to provide regularly updated content on their site/s and in their newsletters or informational emails. This marketing strategy is known as inbound marketing. It helps build your platform, creates and increases traffic to your site, and will help increase your mailing list.

Creating content for businesses is actually a busy area for ghostwriters. Marketers are very aware of the importance of having effective and fresh content on the sites they are managing. Businesses hire a writer to write a set number of post/articles per week or month for a certain amount of money per article. Some businesses may want one to two articles per day; others may want one a week.

If you are hiring a ghostwriter for this capacity, be sure she knows about keywords and SEO. The point of hiring someone to create valuable content for your site/s is to have that content picked up in the search engines, which in turn will help searchers (potential customers/clients) find your site/s.

And, if the work involves rewriting articles, the ghostwriter must know the source article’s duplicate content score. Search engines frown upon duplicate content, so it’s the writer’s job to make the article different enough so it is perceived as new.

Maintaining and increasing visibility is essential to authors, writers, and businesses. Keeping up with blog posts and guest article writing is an important marketing tool for all, well at least for those who are trying to sell their products or services.

2. A Ghostwriter Provides Informational Content

Information rules in today’s ever changing world. Providing informative and/or instructive content to your staff, customers, and potential customer is now essential, especially with business transparency being a desirable feature that employees and customers look for.

While businesses and marketers can generate their own content, a ghostwriter frees up company time for more productive and revenue generating work.

‘Informational gifts’ is another content product that businesses need to be aware of. Of the thousands of websites within your industry available for customers to find and subscribe to, why should they choose yours? That’s where an ‘ethical bribe’ comes in to play. Providing an informative report or e-book with valuable information that your potential customer will appreciate tends to motivate that individual, company, or visitor to click on your opt-in box, thereby increasing your mailing list. And, every business knows the importance of having a mailing list – it’s crucial with the increasing e-commerce trends.

It’s this offering of valuable and quality information that helps build a relationship with your site’s visitors and keeps them coming back. This ongoing relationship will eventually lead to an increased mailing list and sales.

3. A Ghostwriter for Your Business’ Landing Pages and Products

The first impression an online searcher – potential customer searching for your product or business type – will have of a business, is its landing page. Obviously, a business needs to have an attractive, quick loading, SEO friendly, and informative page. Now, while a ghostwriter will most likely not be a web designer, she can create the needed content for the site, content that will engage the visitor and motivate him to subscribe to the mailing list and make contact with the business.

The mailing list is what generates long-lasting relationships and sales. Through the mailing list you can offer information, along with product and/or business promotion. Marketing experts advise though, to offer a 75 to 25 percent ratio of information to promotion. But, it’s advisable to go under that and strive for 80 to 20 or 85 to 15 percent information to promotion.

Again, information is what people want today; they want to know how to find a solution to their problem or need, and they want to be informed. If you provide that, you will have sales.

Along with creating effective landing page content, a ghostwriter can produce product descriptions and guides. Through the information you provide and additional research, she can create informative and customer appreciated content, thereby fostering customer loyalty.

4. A Ghostwriter – Copywriting and Keywords

In addition to writing articles, newsletters, e-books, reports, and other content, a ghostwriter should know copywriting. While this skill isn’t essential for some aspects of the job, it is important in the event a client requires projects such as landing pages, email marketing, product guides, articles, or other.

And, being aware of SEO and keywords will help the ghostwriter create traffic effective content, leading potential subscribers and customers to the business’ website.

Knowing copywriting and SEO is a surefire way for a ghostwriter to increase her value to business clients.

5. A Ghostwriter for Your Book or eBook

As in ‘number one’ on this list, as an entrepreneur or business person, you want to convey your authority status in your field and enhance your brand. You want to establish or reinforce your credibility. What better way to do this than writing your own book.

Top marketers explain that your book is like a comprehensive business card or calling card. It shows the potential clients/customers exactly what you have to offer, what you’re made of. It makes you the expert they need.

Whether you simply have chapter headings, an outline, or a draft, we can turn it into a quality manuscript ready for self-publishing or submissions.

6. A Ghostwriter Must be a Good Writer

Lastly, the number one quality a ghostwriter needs to have is being a good writer. It’s also a good idea for the ghostwriter to specialize in a couple of different areas – this also increases her value to specific clients.

If you are thinking of hiring a ghostwriter, you might ask for samples and/or testimonials. Note here: testimonials from ghostwriting clients may be difficult, if not impossible to come by . . . for obvious reasons. If the ghostwriter can’t provide testimonials, it’s important to understand why and ask for writing samples instead.


Whether you’re a home business or individual, let me do the writing for you!

I’m professional, reliable, and experienced. I can effectively maintain the content on your blog, your newsletter, for guest blogging, and e/books.


Please note pricing varies on word count, time frame, quantity, and duration of project. My standard rates are:

  • One 400-500 word article is $65
  • Ongoing project of one article per week is $50 per article
  • Ongoing project of two per week is $40 per article
  • Ongoing project of three to five articles per week is $30 per article
  • Have a large ongoing project? Let’s discuss it.
  • Call or email for quotes less than 400 words or over 500 words

*These fees are based on 400-500 word articles


Please note that pricing for ebooks also varies. It depends on author contribution, time frame, research, and so on. If the project is to rewrite an ebook/book, pricing depends on the ‘condition’ of the content, time frame, and research. My standard rates are:

  • $7.50 to $15 per page for rewriting
  • $20 to $30 per page to organize author provided information into an ebook or book
  • $45 to $80 per page to research and write a book
  • $1000 for a 20 – 25 page ebook

* There is an initial $100 down payment to secure this package. This package includes a Content page, an About the Author page, and Section Heading pages (if applicable).

Content Pages consist of approximately 300 to 450 words per page (page count can vary due to fonts used, page formatting, images included, etc).

Covers, front matter, and back matter not included.

Payment Policy

For projects under $100: One half upon signing the agreement and the balance when the project is completed.

For projects $100 and over: One third upon signing the agreement, one third when the project is half-way completed, balance of one-third upon completion.

Contact me today to discuss your project or for a quote:

kcioffiventrice @ gmail .com or call at 347-834-6700

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