Karen Cioffi Professional Writing Services has years of experience writing copy for various formats: website/blog content, articles, ebooks, newsletters, product descriptions and guides, and more. My specialties are business incentives and health.

Today, effective and persuasive content is needed if you have a product or service you want to sell. The internet is overwhelmed with businesses and individuals vying for attention. It’s a combination of your website design, the copy on it (including the title, subtitle, and opt-in), images, and media working together to create a ‘grabbing’ momentum and ‘conversion motivating’ atmosphere.

The Title

The title is 80% of your conversion power. Simply put, if your title doesn’t grab the reader’s attention long enough to turn it to interest, it doesn’t matter how great the body of your content is – he won’t stay around long enough to read it.

The effective title (and copy) needs to address the ‘pain.’ It needs to draw the reader in with a promised solution to his problem. It needs to address the reader’s need, want, or desire.

Along with addressing the problem, your title needs to give the ‘benefit’ (the WIIFM) and, if applicable, establish a time frame.

So, what does this mean? Well, here’s an example of a title that has the elements needed: The Secret to Writing an Ebook in 7 Days.

It could also be “The Secret to Losing 5 Pounds in 5 Days.” The idea is to present the problem, the solution, and the time frame.

The Opt-in

You might not think it, but even the wording for your call-to-action matters. In a side-by-side experiment conducted by Marketing Experiment, conversion was increased by changing the opt-in copy from “Learn More” to “Open an Account.” Changes to only a couple of words and there was a 43% increase in conversion.

No matter what element of your webpage you’re considering changing to boost its effectiveness, you need to keep the prospect in mind.

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