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ghostwriting for businesses and individualsHe’s Invisible…He’s Powerful…He Helps Writers…He’s the Ghostwriter!

What’s the essential characteristic of a ghost? Invisibility.

Well, that’s exactly what a ghostwriter is…invisible.

And, the ghostwriter is a powerful tool and a huge help to writers who can’t seem to get their ideas into content or stories. Or, for writers who don’t have the time to write the articles themselves. Or, people who have a story to tell, maybe a memoir, and need someone to write it for them.

He’s an even bigger, in fact, he’s a super-powerful tool for business owners and marketers who need to have an ebook to boost their authority and/or to give to potential clients or customers. Business owners absolutely need a book under their belt.

The ghostwriter is kind of like a superhero of the writing world. He lifts you up and helps you create what you don’t have the time, energy, or skill to do yourself.

He’s a writer who will write a story, article, blog, email copy, book, or other form of content for someone else. He is a modest guy, and takes no recognition for his feat. The individual who hires him gets all the credit for the finished product. The ghostwriter gets paid for his services.

In other words, the ghostwriter can be a ‘dream fulfilling’ or ‘business boosting’ superhero.

Okay, maybe not a superhero, but you get the idea.

Moving quietly behind the scenes, the ghostwriter can lift you up and help you create what you can’t or don’t want to do on your own. He can help turn dreams into reality.


What Can She Do?

• Do you need to drive traffic to your site?
• Do you need optimized content for your blog or website?
• Do you need an ebook, report, SlideShare presentation, video, or other content to increase your authority?
• Do you need to boost your search engine ranking and conversions?
• Do you need optimized blog content?
• Do you need an ebook or report or other to offer your customers/clients or employees?
• Do you need an ebook or report or other written for the ethical bribe to your email list opt-in?
• Do you need content for a product guide or product description?
• Do you want to create an ebook to offer for sale?
• Does your story need a makeover?
• Do you have a story outline, but don’t know where to go from there?
• Fiction, nonfiction? Short story, long story? Essays? Speeches? White pages?

NO PROBLEM. There are ghostwriters to write in any niche or industry.

How Does It Work?

The client (individual hiring the writer) may provide an idea, an outline, draft, a keyword, or topic. Or, he may need a piece rewritten. The ghostwriter does his homework and accomplishes what is requested.

It should be noted that in some instances ghostwriters do receive some recognition or credit. This is something the client and writer decide upon. The cost of the project may be less if credit is given. But, most often the ghostwriter remains anonymous.

In other instances the ghostwriter may reduce his fee for a percentage of the profits from the finished product.

Is Ghostwriting Popular?

According to the article, “What is a Ghostwriter?” by Gary McLaren, “Statistics are hard to come by since many people don’t want to reveal that their book or other content is ghosted. But, some industry estimates suggest that up to fifty percent of all non-fiction books are ghostwritten.”

Interestingly, what’s becoming very popular for ghostwriters is article writing and content marketing. Business owners and marketers know the importance of posting valuable and well written content on their websites on a regular basis. In these cases, the ghostwriter needs to know about SEO, keyword optimization, engagement, and shareability.

A couple of famous ghostwriters:

Barbara Feinman ghostwrote, It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us by Hillary Clinton.

H.P. Lovecraft was a ghostwriter for Harry Houdini.

A.E. Hotchner ghostwrote the autobiographies for Doris Day and Sophie Loren

Hiring One

Obviously, it may be difficult for a ghostwriter to obtain testimonials from clients, so when looking for one you should ask for samples of his writing in addition to testimonials.

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