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A large parcontent marketing writing servicest of your content marketing strategy should be blogging. Marketing studies found that people trust bloggers more than companies, including social media sites, such as Facebook. This gives bloggers a great platform to inform, engage, and sell. It gives bloggers influence.

Along with influence, blogging has five primary benefits:

1. If your content is ‘quality,’ it will catch the attention of the search engines and help get you on one of the first SERPs (search engine results pages).
2. Ranking well with Google will increase your visibility and help bring traffic to your website.
3. Ranking well generates reader trust and gives you authority.
4. Blogging allows you to create a connection with the reader.
5. The trust and authority generated though blogging will lead to better conversion (people clicking on your call-to-actions).

To satisfy all elements involved in those five benefits, your content needs to be engaging – it needs to be likeable. It also needs to be attention grabbing and interesting. If it’s not, your readers will move on to other blogs with more engagement and interest.

So, how do you create an engaging blog, a blog that will keep readers coming back?

Make it Trustworthy

One of the primary ways of creating an engaging and interesting blog is to make your content, original, reliable, and up-to-date. You want your readers to know they can get trustworthy and useable information through your blog.

To do this, you need to use reliable and high-ranking sources. You should also reference those sources. This will help increase the readers’ confidence in you and your content.

Mix it Up a Bit with Screen Shots, Images, and Infographics

Along with original content, you need to incorporate visual elements.

You should use screen shots, images, and infographics to break up straight text and make the content more appealing.

These aids also help with clarity and reader understanding.

For examples of using these techniques, check out:

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Create an Infographic

Use Video and/or SlideShare

Another strategy to use to make your blog more interesting is to use video and SlideShare presentations. Both these strategies also promote conversion.

According to Social Media Today, “Landing pages that included videos see an 86% increase in conversions.”

Based on this statistic, you should definitely be using video on your website and in your blog.

In regard to SlideShare presentations, they also have great engagement elements that translate into conversions. While video is especially powerful, SlideShare has its own marketing power.

SlideShare is a LinkedIn company and offers great engagement and interest. Wikepedia notes that SlideShare is a ‘slide hosting service’ that allows you to upload PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, and other presentations to its site. Once uploaded, the presentation can be embedded on any site, including YouTube. (2)

The difference between it and video is audio. SlideShare doesn’t have audio.

For examples of using video and SlideShare presentations, check out:

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Blogging, using all these strategies, is an effective way to build your brand and online platform. If you’re not blogging yet, get started today.


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